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Can Hot Pink shoes Match my outfit??? Help!?

I have these hot pick high heels with cubic z. buckles by the ankle and a small one by the toe. They look gorgeous.

Will they go with white capris and a satin black top, that is backless and shows my figure off very well? And maybe a shiny silver clutch?

I need to work with my shoes, please I need suggestions!!

Can Hot Pink shoes Match my outfit??? Help!?
i wouldn%26#039;t do it but maybe wear a hot pink hair piece of something and then it would be fine haha
Reply:I think you need some sort of co-ordination

Like pink accessories or a top

Otherwise its abit of a clash cause its pink shoes, white trousers, black top, silver bag etc
Reply:I dont think that sounds right but people wear mismatched shoes with there outfit all the time so If you try it on and it looks ok then wear it. Can you post a pic of the out fit with the shoes?
Reply:All you have to do is add hot pink earrings OR a bangle, and I think the outfit will be great! Go for it!
Reply:Either wear all black or all white. You can%26#039;t mix white bottoms with a black top. I Don%26#039;t think that will go well.
Reply:Pink AND cz? And a silver bag? You%26#039;re pushing it with accessories, hon.

Try a black or white plain bag and a small pink accessory, or even pink lipstick.
Reply:No i would wear black shorts and apink top then u cud wear ur pink shoes.

that sounds a bit tacky wat u wanna wear
Reply:Most definatley. You%26#039;re wearing a lot of neutrals so a pop of color at the feet would look great. You don%26#039;t need to add another hot pink accessory. Random spontaneous, not coordinating pops of color in your outfit are super chic.
Reply:Definitely not with black and white.. you could wear the top with jeans and then your heels, but a black piece and a white piece should be worn with black or white shoes. the one exception is my friend had a zebra print dress that looked amazing with purple, so that would be okay. ALSO! hot pink lips are in so see if you can match it to your shoes with your outfit, totally hot!


Is there a guideline for fence installations at schools in NJ?

My 5 yr old son was injured yesterday at school when he ran into the school metal fence and his foot went completely underneath the fence. The metal went through his shoe %26amp; cut his foot. The fence is completely unsecure at the bottom , it kind of buckles out in portions. My relatives say the fence is supposed to be secure at the bottom. Is there some kind of code or guideline for school fencing?

Is there a guideline for fence installations at schools in NJ?
You should consult an attorney, the fence was apparently defective or an injury could not have occurred, in this type of suit an initial consultation would be free and you would have expert advise.~
Reply:I%26#039;d talk to zoning and see what they say

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Selling shoes?

im selling some rare ferragamo mens shoes on ebay.

my ant said that they can sell for $300. there used so what shouuld i sell them for. they are leather w/ silver buckles. they dont fit me so wut price?

Selling shoes?
Do some searching in ebay for similar shoes to see what they are selling for. You can put them on ebay for a buy now or $300 or best offer. The best offer need not be accepted.
Reply:start the bidiing at a buck peopel are more likey to get intoa bidding war if it starts chheper

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Flashy loud clothes?

i like to buy clothes and stuff, but then some of them are like shocking blue/pink shirts, loud slogan shirts, white/flashy hoodies, crazy white shoes, and like white belts with huge buckles which are all very noticeable and loud, which i hate. like i don%26#039;t hate looking really cool and different but it attracts unwanted (in my opinion) attention and makes people look a lot. like its not like i think they are criticising me but i just don%26#039;t like it when lots of people people look at me.

how can i change????????? and convince myself?????

(i am a guy)

Flashy loud clothes?
ok, that flashy stuff would be ok....................for a girl. Now, you can still waer the types of clothing that you want, but tone it down a little you dont want to seem to feminine, so just wear just the right amount, nothing over the top or anything like that, and youll look fabulous.
Reply:Maybe go to your local mall and talk to a stylist.

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What should I wear to my interview tomorrow?

Hey everyone I need some advice. I have an interview tomorrow at ALDO shoes, but I don%26#039;t know what to wear for the interview. I have seen how they dress there and its kinda casual dressy. I was thinking I should wear jeans since the skirts I have arent that dressy and I dont want to wear a dress to an interview. But what do I wear as a top??

The shoes I wear are probably most important concerning its a shoe store. Some shoes that I%26#039;ve been deciding over are:

-bronze high heel sandals

-black pointed toe high heels that have tiny buckles at the front

-light gold flats from aldos

-just below the knee brown boots.

If you have any ideas on what I should wear as a top and what shoes to wear I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

What should I wear to my interview tomorrow?
You probably shouldn%26#039;t wear jeans to an interview. Once you are hired they might allow you to wear them but I wouldn%26#039;t try it yet. Do you have any khakis or black dress pants??? You could wear black dress paints with your bronze high heels and wear a shirt the same color as the shoes. Or you could wear the black pants with a white or a red shirt and your black pointed high heels. Your brown boots and gold flats would go with khakis and you could wear a blue shirt. Make sure if you are wearing open toed shoes that your feet look really nice.

Don%26#039;t forget to smile. Good luck~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Reply:If you are going to wear jeans make shure that they are a very dark wash, the darkest wash. Not light jeans. A dark wash jean can be dressed up so that you look appropriate but not too dressed up like you thought about it too much. Anyway, wear heels with them, you%26#039;ll look very chic.
Reply:Dress smart! Jeans are an absolute no for interviews, I wont even interview women for office jobs who wear jeans, trainers or sandals. Wait till you get the job first, start as you mean to go on.

Shoes do say it all so try the heels. They will not mind what make you are wearing, just say you like their stuff in the interview.

J x
Reply:I think the flats would be cute, maybe with a simple white button down...nothing too flashy.
Reply:NO JEANS!!!
Reply:Wear a dress shirt with a nice skirt %26amp; sweater with nice shoes....Nice Shoes are very important!!!!!!!

Wear boots with heels.....

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Which is a better look for a young black guy? Hollister AE ANF or the rocker style.?

First, I think you would call this a rocker style, abstract art t-shirts and polos, straight leg jeans, and converse or vans.




Or The Hollister AE ANF look





Which Is a better look? Plz help me out

Which is a better look for a young black guy? Hollister AE ANF or the rocker style.?
are you kidding me? was it moron day in the answers forum??? some days i swear yahoo needs to issue a license to answer. i prefer the hollister look. i think hollister looks good on everyone! and btw, there%26#039;s nothing wrong with a guy wanting to look good. good luck shopping!

edit- hey russia, they all worked for me- if you can%26#039;t even figure out a link, i think it%26#039;s time to turn off your computer

edit- what kitten meant was look great in whatever makes you feel good- not because of what other people tell you and the insult about russian went out to the 1st answer, not you

edit- ok i will apologize to russian on one thing- the links don%26#039;t work- but if you werent a jerk to people, it wouldn%26#039;t put them on the defense. and morpheus- take a deep breath. the first couple answers got you so upset that you%26#039;re spewing out insults to those of us that don%26#039;t deserve it

***edit*** ok- i just went to your other question and looked at the links- out of those outfits- i change my vote to rocker all the way. i really like the first group you picked out.
Reply:You should wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. don%26#039;t look for others%26#039; approval

Oh and go back to your dirty azz cave, russian!

I wasn%26#039;t talking about you, Morpheus, I was talking to the guy who commented above me. His name is russian... something!
Reply:I think both would look good on a nice, tall, young black man. You can rock just about anything and look cool or make it look cool really.

If I HAD to choose, I would have to say I like the Hollister AE ANF style a little more.
Reply:Hollister and Abercrombie are racist against minorities. Abercrombie, which owns Hollister, has gotten sued a countless number of times for discrimination. Why would you want to wear their clothes?
Reply:I prefer the ANF/AE look than a %26quot;rocker%26quot; look, most guys I see who don the rocker look tend to look grimy/grungy. So Hollister/AE/ANF! Happy shopping!
Reply:Try a different section, you won´t be getting any serious answers here.
Reply:You are shallow and petty

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Can someone put together some back to school outfits for me?

I%26#039;m going to a mall with these stores tomorrow:


American Eagle

Pac Sun




Rue 21





Also, is this kind of shoe still in style?

Can someone put together some back to school outfits for me?
Top: Sweet Pink


Shoes: Cranberry



Hope I helped!!

%26lt;3 Javeria

Click on the outfit to learn where to get the clothes.

By the way..I don%26#039;t know if those shoes are %26quot;in%26quot; but they are definately cute! Go for it!
Reply:hey i made some outfits for you on polyvore: click on this link and you will see a few:

on the sides of the outfits when you click on them it says where the clothes r from..well hope i helped

Reply:Here =]
Reply:umm..idk about the shoes. I bet they%26#039;d look good with jeans though. Just wear them if you like them and be yourself








Reply:Add me to your email and send me your:





Anything you don%26#039;t want:

Other Knowledge [i.e. no flip-flops, skirts]:

and email me: ella. I will make you about 2-4 outfits and then I will add you to my contacts so whenever you want outfits made you can just tell me and I will make you some.

thanks much.




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